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We are pleased to offer a Partner Abuse Intervention Programs for Men and Women.

Aggression Replacement Training for Youth.

Partner Abuse Intervention Program

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25 sessions for adults.  Each session is a learning experience.  Find out why we think the way we do and act the way we do.  Explore your past and present relationships. Identify abuse such as verbal, emotional, physical, economical, and sexual.  Figure out why we believe the things we do and how that causes us to act in the ways we do.  Learn new coping skills and strategies that will enhance and repair relationships of all kinds.  

12 sessons for youth.  Aggression replacement training sessions teach youth how to communicate their needs in a socially acceptable manner.  It helps them learn to develop problem solving, anger management, and coping strategies.  Over a period of time they will learn how to use moral reasoning skills.   

Price: $18.00 a session for adults

$10.00 a session for youth ages 5 to 17.